WordCamp is coming to Calgary!

We’re so pleased to be able to bring Calgary’s first WordCamp to life. This has been a little bit of a dream in the making, and come May 25 and 26, it shall be reality. All of us really do hope that you’re able to make it, and that you’re so pleased with all that you find.

The site is going to be tidied up and filled out over the next few days. We have information to add, such as opportunities for volunteering, and opportunities for speaking, and opportunities for learning. I don’t think that we’re so arrogant that we’re going to say this is the best first WordCamp ever. But we’re going to do our very best to bring you something that we can be very proud of having presented, and something that you can be very pleased to have attended.

They’re not in the sidebar yet, but we already have some sponsors in place. Those will appear over the next couple of days. We already have some speakers to tell you about, but we’re also going to hold off for a few days until we’ve got all of our ducks in a row. Do stay tuned, as we’re all pretty excited about what we’re going to bring you. An outstanding weekend of learning, and of networking, and of friend-making, and even a little bit of beer-drinking is coming your way.

On behalf of everyone who is helping to bring WordCamp Calgary to life…Welcome!

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