Speaker Line Up

Kurt Archer

Kurt has been doing front-end development for over 14 years, mostly as a hobby. He is a faithful companion to WordPress and sees the web as the world’s largest experiment in true democracy. As a Political Science graduate, Kurt has focused most of his career on social development issues and has founded two non-profit organizations devoted to sustainability literacy and youth leadership training, with a reach in over 5 countries. Kurt has spent the past year consulting in social media, web apps and sustainability and is planning to launch a company in 2013.

Find Kurt at @damukurt.

Michael C. Breuer

Naturally creative, with demonstrated talents in web development, illustration and writing, Michael found a passion in problem solving and delivering innovative solutions, so logically, he became a WordPress Developer. He has worked for agencies in Vancouver and Calgary, working extensively with WordPress and other open source web technologies.

Find Michael on Twitter at @michabre and on GitHub.

Kim Bruce

Design is Kim Bruce’s background; art, her passion; digital technologies, her tool. Kim is a visual problem solver that designs WordPress websites and themes for fine art. At Artbiz.ca, she teaches artists to maintain their online presence using WordPress. When Kim isn’t at the computer you will find her in the studio creating art with her own unique visual voice. Find her on Facebook and Twitter @ArtbizKimBruce

Dana DiTomaso

Dana DiTomaso is the CEO of Kick Point, a digital marketing agency based in Edmonton. Her career started in software and then web development, even before WordPress existed. Her passion is working with businesses to make their digital presences awesome and she feels your pain on how hard it is to create amazing content. In her spare time, she’s the technology columnist for CBC Edmonton AM and sits on the board of the Advertising Club of Edmonton which is disappointingly not really like Mad Men at all. You can follow her on Twitter @danaditomaso.

Ben Eadie

Ben Eadie is an aerospace design consultant with 4 world records under his belt in ultra-efficient vehicles. Wanting to share his knowledge with the world he started video blogging on Computer Aided Design (CAD) and found that ‘GASP’ there IS money in very small niche content. Now he continues teaching CAD and coaching others how to build and create a niche content using online video via webinars, recorded video and screen casting. Then how to turn that content into a profitable online business.

Find Ben on Twitter at @BenEadie, on Facebook, and on Google+.

Chris Garrett

Chris is the co-author of the Problogger Book, founder of the Authority Blogger course, and is VP of Educational Content at Copyblogger Media, an online business consultant, and a veteran blogger.

Chris is a unique blend of teacher, tech geek and marketer for people who want to use the web to grow their business. @ChrisGarrett or on Facebook.

Tony Grimes

Tony is a Maker, artist and internet consultant. He founded Pixels and Pints, a networking event series for web and digital professionals, 3 years ago and has been addicted to community building ever since. His current focus is content production and is building Gear Station, a media studio for digital entrepreneurs. @tonygrimes and on LinkedIn or Deviant Art.

Dax Justin

Calgary born and raised Dax Justin has led design teams and processes, collaborated with top companies, and has received accolades from social enterprises and the non-profit community.

His decade of experience has produced an impressive portfolio including corporate identities, integrated brand campaigns, in-store sales and point of sales materials, digital design, advertising, creative strategy and brand development for many national brands.

Find Dax on Twitter at @DaxJustin.

Doug McLean

Doug McLean has over 12 years experience working in Web Development serving in a variety of roles including Code Development, Server Maintenance, Client Relations, and Business Administration. Doug works as a Technical Director for two companies in Calgary; Siteline Solutions and JOI Media. Doug received his Masters of Science in Applied Mathematics from the University of Calgary; he also holds degrees in Human Resource Management, Ethics and Philosophy. Find Doug on Twitter at @thedougler604.

Ryan Pilling

Ryan Pilling set out on his entrepreneurial journey 15 years ago as a graphic designer, expanding into the technical side to become a web developer and PHP/MySQL programmer. With various pursuits and projects along the way, the majority of them using WordPress in the mix, his most recent focus is working as a performing magician, and producing WowFest, Calgary’s first magic arts festival.

Find Ryan on Twitter at @WowRyan or on Facebook.

Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan has over 12 years of experience in communications: print and digital media, advertising, brand development, content strategy and more. He is a trusted and proven localization expert, with acumen for tailoring messages for different audiences across multiple distribution channels, formats and country vectors. Gareth spent 8 years living and working professionally in Asia, where he learned fluent spoken Mandarin Chinese. He recently spent 4 years managing multilingual website content and marketing communications for an international e-finance company with a customer base in 180 countries worldwide. @Mengkai and on LinkedIn.

Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison has been writing Mike’s Bloggity Blog for seven years and has generated more than 4,200 blog posts. Morrison is also a weekly columnist with Metro, a blogger with Huffington Post and a segment producer at Breakfast Television. @mikesbloggity or on Facebook

Heather Simonds

Heather has been writing throughout her law career and when she turned the page to photography she continued to communicate with imagery winning local and national competitions. Published in magazines, newsletters and books she writes about anything her camera captures including local, nature and travel stories. She has been leading field and classroom photography sessions for several years, focusing on personal creativity.

Find Heather on Twitter at @HeatherSimonds, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook,

Marshall Stevenson

Marshall Stevenson is a Calgary based internet marketer and digital content creator using web design, development and podcasting. He’s been designing websites since 1995 and working in a WordPress world since version 1.2.1 – or about October 2004. His passions are impacting others in a positive way to affect change in the world – in other words, let’s get your message out! You can find him on Twitter @spryd being social.

Michael Tighe

I am the founder of Solid, a Calgary digital agency. I have a strong background in front end development, design, and planning. Central to our work at Solid is making lasting and functional products, from being early adopters to responsive mobile design, through to ensuring what we build for our clients is easy to use & hard to break.

I enjoy presenting and have had the good fortune of doing so at Startup Calgary, DemoCamp Calgary, as well as many informal Lunch & Learn sessions at Critical Mass.

Find Michael on Twitter at @miketighe and on LinkedIn.

Christopher A. Webb

Born in Calgary but raised in Edmonton to be a faithful Oilers fan. As of October I co-own My Media Magnet, acting as Business Manager and Service/Sales Officer. As of 2013, we take MMM to new “Educated Marketing” directions by streamlining our business, incorporating efforts and pushing global application of services and product in Analytical Marketing and Web-Design. My background is in the Steel/Oil Oil & Gas, but due to a great opportunity to branch out and reach for my own personal goals, I was destined to be an entrepreneur with MMM.

You’ll find Chris’ business on Twitter at @MyMediaMagnet.