FAQ #3

Here’s the final FAQ e-mail that was sent out this morning…

I think this is our last e-mail to you. But no guarantees.

We have some answers to actual FAQs in this e-mail. The other ones were just things I thought people might wonder. But now we’ve got some real questions, and we’re here to make them be answered.


There are two nearby lots. Double check the hours to which the following rates apply. Both are about 2 blocks from the venue. Check out this helpful map for reference: http://goo.gl/maps/FX9Hc

SW corner of 11th Avenue and 4th Street SW – $3.00 flat rate

SE corner of 10th Avenue and 6th Street SW – $2.00 flat rate

If you are staying for the afterparty, and you’re planning to have some drinks at the happy hour pricing that we’ll have available to us, maybe just leave your car at wherever and take the train or bus in.


Lilac Festival is on Sunday. expect lots of traffic and pedestrians. 4th Street SW between 11th Avenue and 25th Avenue to be closed.

Calgary Marathon will be running right by the venue, and parts or all of 11th Avenue will be closed (depending upon where along its length) (thanks to Adrienne Anderson for that reminder!). In short, allow plenty of extra time to get to WordCamp on Sunday


District will be catering soup and sandwiches both days. We don’t know that we can guarantee special dietary requirements will be met. If you’re vegetarian, gluten-free, etc., maybe plan for a bagged lunch of your own. You have my apologies, and I’ll ensure we improve this for next year’s WordCamp. Do check the blog on Friday evening, as we’ll update there (rather than e-mail you all again) what special lunch items we will have available.