FAQ #2

This e-mail was sent out to attendees this morning:

Hi WordCamp attendees!

You got your ticket before they sold out. Good for you! This very circumstance establishes you as a wise, proactive, and prescient individual. Your spousal person and/or your parental figure(s) and/or your mirror self must be very proud.

If you have just registered in the last few days, you may not have received the first FAQ e-mail. We have posted that on the website for your review.

There are a couple of more matters that we think will be helpful for you to know. First off, we have made the decision to NOT offer complimentary bottled water on-site. Since Calgary has such world-renowned tap water, we’re going to make sure that there are jugs and jugs and jugs of it to refill your refillable water bottle (which you will bring with you) (or SOLO cups, which we will have available) to your hydrated heart’s content. If you’re especially keen on bottled, there is a Mac’s just around the corner.

Next, we ask that you expect some glitches. We don’t know what those glitches will be. This is our first run of WordCamp, so be gentle with us. Unless we catch someone on fire. Though that’s probably highly improbable.

Finally, you can’t even imagine how excited I am that this is becoming a thing. Great thanks go out to each of you who shelled out $40 to attend our first WordCamp. We appreciate your interest, your trust, and willingness of your inner-nerd to come out and socialize.

See you on Saturday!