About our sponsors: Treehouse

Today I’m writing here to thank our generous sponsor, Treehouse. Treehouse is a company that offers online interactive education, bringing classes in markup languages like HTML and CSS; programming in JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Android, and iOS; along with business classes, and a whole whack of supporting classes. In fact, some companies, like LivingSocial, BankSimple, and Automattic (the makers of WordPress) do recruiting right off of the site if people have the right badges that show what it is that they’ve excelled in.

One of my fellow WordCamp organizers, Kurt Archer, has been a member for a good long time and speaks very highly of them and the quality of their courses. I just now signed up for a one-year membership (like, mid-blog-writing), as there’s no question that I want more development skills, even if just because I’m curious how it all works together. Though helping to run a WordCamp, I’m actually mostly a non-tech guy, so I’m keen on upping my skills.

Treehouse has not only contributed to the financial success of Calgary’s first WordCamp, but they’re also sending some great swag our way to share with WCYYC attendees. They’re going to see to it that we have some Treehouse tees to give away, along with some awesome things like HTML5 Foundations and CSS3 Foundations from the Treehouse Book Series.

Here’s where things get really interesting! Whether beginner or beyond, education will ensure that you continue your expand your skills, making you better able to tackle larger projects, build your resume, and even expand your career choices. Being a company that is in the business of making sure that folks have the education that they need to success, Treehouse has offered us a number of free subscriptions to their educational programs. We’ll have a few 6-month and 12-month memberships thanks to Treehouse to get into the hands of those who can use them. Now are you excited?? Though very affordable for the value you receive, winning one of these memberships could rapidly propel your skill-building not to mention save you a few Bordens (that’s who’s on our hundred, just in case you didn’t know).

Thanks Treehouse! We’re so grateful for your help in making Calgary’s first WordCamp a reality. And all the way from Florida, no less! We’re also really stoked to be able to give away some of your high-quality educational tools to help our attendees become more proficient in technology. We’re also super-pleased to even be remotely associated with a thing called Treehouse, since treehouses are wicked fun.

And since you’re right here, you may as well click play to see the video below where they tell you about what’s going on on their Treehouse YouTube channel.